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Opening timesFrancesca mum
Monday – Friday  8am – 9pm. Mondays & Tuesdays we set up for events from 4pm.
Saturday brunch 10am – 4pm (coming soon)

Times occasionally may change so do feel free to call before making a long trip.

We are located just next to a variety of local facilities including:

  • The launderette just the other side of Tonbridge Street
  • The Boot Irish Pub
  • The Holy Cross Church opposite Firebox
  • South Asian grocers & halal butchers
  • Charity shop on corner of Whidbourne st

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Working breakfast deal
Book a table for your meeting between 8-11am and we’ll make a special sharing breakfast to help get you through the day!

We have rooms available to hire all week so do call to discuss your requirements and availability.

What is Firebox?

FIREBOX was born of the belief that the right to beautiful food is en par with the right to adequate housing, employment, education, and cultural stimulation. We practice what we preach making exquisite food and drinks while keeping low prices and spirits high.

How do we manage? Well, it’s simple – by putting real sense of the much philandered concept of a “local” eatery and coffee shop: cooking easy to make and delightful to consume dishes and snacks originating and deviating from a range of urban eating, drinking, and thinking cultures.

Our chefs and beverage alchemists are artfully redistributing a wealth of experience and inspiration from southern Europe, Northern England, Asia, the Middle East,  and the East End.

We serve lush hot lunches & dinners, breakfasts, platters, sandwiches and smoothies, as well as the obsessively refined coffees.

Our food and beverages are very reasonably priced. FIREBOX is not dirt cheap, since we serve real food, not processed rubbish. But everything we serve is as affordable as possible while paying decent wage and using actual fresh produce, actually cooked, actually here.

Due to generous donations we can now offer free space most days of the week. So, whilst dining check out our notice boards or speak to us about what events are coming up or how you can organise something here with your own group of friends.

Oh, and bring a bottle of your own wine or beer for a small service charge, what better way of having a cheap night out.

Exercise your right to beautiful food – drop in!

A bit of our history…

Firebox is a political project, initiated by Counterfire, following in the footsteps of the Chartist’s meeting halls, Sylvia Pankhurst’s International Club, right down to Eric Hobsbawn’s and E P Thompson’s involvement in the Partisan cafe of the 1950′s.

We want to be a showcase for all that is best on the left. This project’s name, design, decor, menu and programme of events should all reflect this aim. We host a whole range of readings, book launches, exhibitions, films and talks designed to build the movements, raise awareness and strengthen the left.

The space is a permanent Festival of Dangerous !deas with a rota of ongoing events.

Our grand opening was on 6 October with Tony Benn, Sanum Ghafoor, Lindsey German, Clare Solomon and more. Here’s some pictures from the event.

Please bear with us while we work out the best menu’s, opening times and booking systems and so on.

And get in contact if you want to hire the space or have any other queries.

See you there :-)


Contact us at:

Address: 106-108 Cromer St, London, WC1H 8BZ
Tel: 0207 278 5159
Email: info@fireboxlondon.net
Twitter: @FireboxLdn


  1. David — London 21 Sustainability Network says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    The Firebox Project has been drawn to our attention.

    London 21 welcomes the use of its Site for publicising environment- & sustainability-oriented events. We invite you to take advantage of this facility.

    For preference, in view of our very limited staff resources at this time, PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN EVENTS AND NEWS etc. to the WEBSITE (www.London21.org) for subsequent moderation and publication — the London 21 Site is designed to facilitate this.

    Click on ‘My Account’ at the top of the London 21 Page and complete the details accordingly.

    Note also the option to add images. If you need items to be made downloadable from the page, we can organise that for you on request.

    Adequate ‘lead time’ must be allowed for event announcements to be published (at least ten days,) and please resist the temptation to simply ‘cut & paste’ material directly into the compose window — this produces excessive HTML which can eventually overload our Site. Instead, please paste everything into the ‘Notepad’ Programme, then copy again into the London 21 page and use the tools provided to reformat the item.

    Thank you in anticipation.


    London 21 Sustainability Network
    c/o The Grayston Centre
    28 Charles Square,
    London N1 6HT

    Tel: 020 7324 4642

  2. Matthew says:

    Enjoyed Haloween night. I suggest you contact Google to get your name listed on their map, so that folk can find you more easily. The address 108 is there but you can raise your profile by getting your name put on Google maps.

  3. Chrys Clarke says:

    II enjoyed your beautiful café while I was on holidays there. I am from Australia and three other friends liked to have a coffee in your establishment. We were interested in the posters and books you have. We were there early August this year and when we came back in September the café was closed. I hope you have opened again.
    Chrys Clarke
    6 Alida Court
    Leopold Victoria 3224

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