Spotify comes with a cool new feature: a ‘Daylist’ that adapts to your vibe

Spotify comes with a cool new feature: a 'Daylist' that adapts to your vibe

After the popular personalized playlists, Spotify now also comes with your own ‘Daylist’. That is the name of the music service’s latest automatically generated playlist. Your Daylist adapts to your mood throughout the day. At least: the mood Spotify thinks you are in at that time of the week. Unlike Spotify’s existing personalized playlists, such … Read more

This is what you get with the new Spotify Supremium subscription

This is what you get with the new Spotify Supremium subscription

Spotify will soon launch its new, more expensive subscription , which would be called Supremium. Subscribers get better audio quality, as well as a range of other useful features. Well-known tech expert Chris Messina reports which features will be part of the upcoming Spotify Supremium subscription. The most important feature is support for 24-bit lossless … Read more

After Covid-19, real estate companies will have to reinvent themselves

The pandemic has accelerated the development of teleworking and e-commerce and emptied stores and offices. Times are tough for listed real estate companies, these companies which live off the rent from their assets. The closure of stores for many months, the bankruptcies of certain brands and the generalization of teleworking have sent them to the … Read more

Investments will weigh on margins in 2022

The veterinary laboratory achieved its profitability objectives over the last financial year but remains cautious for the next one. The animal health specialist experienced a spectacular recovery last year, as confirmed by the publication in January of organic revenue growth of 18.4%. A dynamic driven by the companion animals division and the United States, which … Read more

The veterinary laboratory accelerated over the last financial year

The strategic refocusing of the animal health specialist on its most promising niches is a success, as evidenced by the annual accounts. Vetoquinol had already revealed an annual turnover of 521 million euros, gross growth of 21.9% including 13.7% organic. The difference between the two progressions is mainly explained by the integration of Drontal and … Read more

The normalization of growth is happening at a forced march

The veterinary laboratory is suffering from the downturn in the animal health market as evidenced by its quarterly activity, which was in organic decline. Investors finally welcomed the publication of Vetoquinol’s third quarter sales, with the stock increasing by almost 6% in the session that followed it. The market was clearly anticipating a more marked … Read more

Vetoquinol: a complicated end to the year

The veterinary laboratory published an annual turnover below expectations, due to a difficult time in Europe. The stock had benefited from the return to favor of growth stocks at the start of the year, but the publication of its fourth quarter sales brought it back to its level at the end of last year. The … Read more