Spotify increases prices for the first time: 1 to 3 euros more per month

Spotify increased its prices in the Netherlands for the first time on Monday. The popular Premium subscription for one person now costs 1 euro more: 11 euros per month.

Spotify has held out for a long time, but the streaming service is now raising its prices for the first time in the Netherlands. The Premium Individual subscription has cost 9.99 euros per month since its Dutch introduction in 2010. There is now an additional one euro per month. This also applies to the student subscription, which now costs 6 euros.

The Duo subscription will become 2 euros more expensive per month, the Family subscription will increase by 3 euros and will now cost 18 euros per month. Spotify explains the price increase: “We occasionally update our prices to continue to innovate and invest, giving you a better listening experience and more options than ever before,” the company said. Subscribers will be informed of the price increase.


More than 200 million people now pay monthly for one of Spotify’s premium subscriptions. In total, the company has more than 500 million users: the majority listen for free with advertising.

Competitors more expensive, but also more complete

Spotify has acquired many competitors since its inception. Apple Music is now the second music service, and prices have also gone up there. At Apple Music, users have been paying 11 euros per month since October last year, also an increase of 1 euro. And Amazon Music also made a similar increase.

At Apple and Amazon, users get higher quality music with their standard subscription. Spotify still offers its music in 320kbps at most. According to rumors, Spotify will soon release music in higher quality, but this would require a more expensive subscription .


Prices compared:

Subscription Old price New price
Individual €9.99 €10.99
Duo €12.99 €14.99
Family €14.99 €17.99
Student €4.99 €5.99

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