This is what you get with the new Spotify Supremium subscription

Spotify will soon launch its new, more expensive subscription , which would be called Supremium. Subscribers get better audio quality, as well as a range of other useful features.

Well-known tech expert Chris Messina reports which features will be part of the upcoming Spotify Supremium subscription. The most important feature is support for 24-bit lossless audio, with which Spotify finally offers better sound quality. Lossless audio stands for sound without compression and therefore with more details – for those who have the right equipment and good hearing.

Competitors such as Apple Music and Amazon Music have long offered lossless audio as part of normal subscriptions. Spotify’s new Supremium offering, however, will be a lot more expensive: 20 euros per month, instead of the 11 euros that the normal Premium subscription costs.


Create playlists based on vibe and beats

For 20 euros per month you get a number of exclusive functions, according to the often well-established Messina. This includes the ability to create playlists based on beats per minute (bpm), vibe, feeling and activity.

You can also have a playlist automatically created for you with AI. You also get your own ‘sound capsule’, although it is not clear exactly what it is.

Free audiobooks

In addition, Supremium subscribers would get 20 to 30 hours of free access to audiobooks per month. Since this week, regular subscribers have been given 15 hours of access to audio books in some English-speaking countries. In the Netherlands, Spotify has not yet launched its audiobook section.


Furthermore, according to Messina, who invented the hashtag in 2007, the new subscription has a nice addition for music lovers: extensive statistics about your listening behavior, comparable to the service .

Before the end of the year

At the beginning of 2021, Spotify already announced its HiFi subscription with music in lossless quality, but it was not released . Instead, lossless audio will soon be part of Supremium. It is not yet clear whether Spotify will also support Dolby Atmos, the spatial music format.

Spotify is expected to announce the new subscription soon, probably before the end of the year.

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